New GRYB Game

This is a lengthy game, so we thought it would best go on the blog.


This game is played on the GRYB Game System.  It uses a military theme.  War has moved into the village of GRYBville.  Two opposing Captains have an equal number of patriots scattered about.  Form them into military, and capture the enemy military.  Armies are named after the color of their game pieces.   GRYBville lies right on the border.

It begins with two players’ game pieces randomly scattered about the bottom level of the game board (32 each).  Use the GRYB dice to accomplish this.  These are now patriots of one ilk or another depending upon which player’s they are.  They are as yet unaffiliated with the military.  

Each player is a Captain of their army.  They need to form patriots into a GRYB to create a Squad. 

Once four patriots form a squad, place one game piece on the node above the GRYB of patriots, and remove the patriots.  They are now enlisted under the new Sergeant.  

Four Squads may form a GRYB and become a Platoon similar to the way they became a Squad.  Place a game piece on the node above the GRYB, and remove the Sergeants, they are now a Platoon under the new Lieutenant.  Squads and Platoons move through patriot areas at liberty, neither bothering nor being bothered by patriots, except for one caveat explained below:

Patriots are unaffected by warfare, but may affect it if they form a Squad right under an enemy Sergeant or Lieutenant that happens to be moving through.  They capture the enemy Squad and replace that Sergeant with their Sergeant.  If they form under a Platoon, they capture the one Squad, reducing the Platoon to a three-Squad group.  The Lieutenant gets demoted and three Sergeants appear on the un-captured Squads.  A suicidal move, but it could help win the battle.  

As you form military you begin to form groups.  A larger group of military captures an enemy’s smaller group.  Two or three Sergeants linked by one sideways move are a group.  They move and capture as a group.  Groups the same size are safe from one another.  You can group Squads with Platoons by moving the squad onto the Platoon GRYB space.  They then move as a group and may capture a Platoon.

Moves are via hyperspace or sideways (see the GRYB manual).  Each turn, players may move: one patriot; two moves, or two single patriots; one move each, or a patriot group; one move, or military– single or grouped; one move.  

As patriots or military become groups, they move as groups. 

Larger military groups capture smaller enemy groups by moving onto them and removing the enemy group.  If you land on a portion of the smaller enemy group you capture the whole group.  

Capture your opponent’s army and liberate the Village of GRYBville from the oppressive evil enemy!

Optional ancillary rule: if your military unit or group lands on an area encompassing the GRYB node, they acquire a certain dubious “Private Monkeybusiness” among their ranks, and can be captured by enemy units or groups the same size.

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