Thank You

My daughter Kim Barnhart helps invent and test games, and she helps with the website. She also beats me at Chess.

Cameron Browne put the Time Vectors game on Richard’s Play-By-eMail Server. He has also been a supporter of the GRYB Game System. Cameron Browne is a game designer and author of books and articles on games. He is on Google Scholar.

Three old friends with whom I have spent countless hours playing Time Vectors, John Spence, Charlie Voldahl, and Tad Lane helped me learn the game.

Richard Reilly is an avid supporter of JDB Games. He introduced my games to Cameron Browne and David Bush among others.

David Bush showed me how to solve Time Vectors in one quadrant.

Andrew, Kristen, and the Looney Labs folks are inspiring.

Matthew McNatt is a great supporter of my games.

Kerry Handscomb, editor of Abstract Games magazine wrote some articles on my games.

Ron Hale-Evans wrote a review of game systems including GRYB in The Games Journal.

Kate Jones at Kadon Enterprises gave me encouragement early on.

Martin H. Samuel, game designer, sent me a great GRYB cartoon.

Jeff Wood and Mike Burk helped brainstorm 25 Men’s GRYB and Smack Down at a JDB Games event at GenCon in Anaheim in 2003.

Paul Blake, Kenneth Leyhe Sr., and Dan Becker contributed ideas for GRYB.

Members of GAMA, the Game Manufacturers Association, helped me to understand something of the business, and meet scores of other game designers and publishers.

Mr. Oglesby gave me an A+ on my project “Four-Dimensional Four-in-a-Row” in 9th-grade Algebra. That later became Time Vectors.

Thank you Shara and the artists and staff out in San Diego at Planet Apparel. They do a great job.

All the folks at Southwest Cyberport keep the website churning.

Others who I have forgotten to mention, I am grateful for all your help.

Thank you.