Time Vectors

Oak and acrylic, Time Vectors is easy on the eye. The game pieces are translucent glass beads. Win by being the first to form a line (called a “vector”).

The first three dimensions are easy to see; they form visual lines. The fourth dimension uses the different quadrants; SW, NW, NE, and SE. To see a line in the fourth dimension requires thought.

This game is very good at teaching spatial relationships to young students.

A Checkers variant may be played on this game board.

Create a five-dimensional game space using four game boards. Play a Chess variant on this game space.

As with other JDB Games, there are other ways you can play games on this game space. Share your game ideas here.

See the Time Vectors manual here.

Roll the Time Vectors dice here.

You can play Time Vectors via email on Richard’s Play-By-eMail Server.