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Interrupt by Kim Barnhart

This game is based upon Quick and easy GRYB and PyraGRYB.  It uses Chance (roll the four color die before each turn), uses 2 colors of tokens (2 players, each with a different color, pennies and dimes work well), and has Lethal Lateral Encounters:  (Remove a player's token and move your token to the captured node.  Your opponent's token must be one length away from your token on the same quadrangle and you must roll the color they are sitting on.)

Like Quick & Easy GRYB, you roll the die and place a token on the color rolled beginning at the top quadrangle.  In this game you don't move your tokens down, you may build under them.  As in PyraGRYB, if your opponent replaces your token with his/her own using a lethal encounter, your building is interrupted and you must either build elsewhere or re-establish the connection with a lethal encounter reclaiming the lost node.  You must have one of your tokens on the parent node of every level above to build upon any lower level quadrangle.  It is as if your electricity must flow through the connecting rods of each occupied node to allow building or capturing on quadrangles under it.  Empty nodes or nodes occupied by your opponent stop the flow of your power to any nodes underneath.

The object of the game is to fill each node of any one quadrangle with your tokens.  The points vary for deeper levels as in Q&EG and PyraGRYB.  The top level is 1 point, the next level 2 points, the next level 4 points, and the bottom level is 8 points.  Play a series of games for the highest number of points.

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