Smack Down
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Smack Down by Mike Burk

This game was devised during the GRYB Game Invention Workshop at GEN CON So Cal in December 2003.

This game plays like Interrupt in most ways, but is different in two major respects:  (1) You can always get on the board when you roll.  If your opponent's token is sitting on the top level on the color rolled, you push his token down to the next level to your choice of color.  If there is a token on that node, then that also gets pushed down similarly, and so forth (hence the name Smack Down).  A token on the bottom layer gets pushed off the board.  (2) Lateral lethal moves are not permitted on the top level.  Since the chances of hitting any one top node is 1 in 4, lethal side moves on top tend to make it a top layer scramble and short-circuits the game.

This changes the game play dynamic substantially by opening up more possibility of movement, and increased chance of upheaval.


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